General Resources

Institute for Sustainable Communities

Find more information on the program that facilitated the initiatives in the Bay Area, Puget Sound, and Twin Cities regions.

HUD Sustainable Communities Initiative

Find more information on all of the grantee recipients, as well as an overview on the entire program.

Better Plans for Better Places: How the Sustainable Communities Initiative changed the way the country plans for a prosperous future

Read a report detailing the impacts of the Sustainable Communities Initiative on the country as a whole.

Planting the Seeds for a Sustainable Future: HUD’s Sustainable Communities Initiative Regional Planning Grant Program

Read a report considering the significance of regional planning and how regions were considered for the Sustainable Communities Initiative.

Reconciling Livability and Sustainability: Conceptual and Practical Implications for Planning

Read a report that analyzes the links between livability and sustainability.

The Sustainable Communities Initiative: Collective Impact in Practice

Read a report that describes the successful efforts of the initiative, due to the collaborative effort of planning entities.

Resources for the Bay Area Region

An implementation of transit and affordable housing strategies with an emphasis in engaging disadvantaged populations

Bay Area Prosperity Plan Website 

The website is an accessible tool to understand the breadth of the Bay Area Regional Prosperity Plan and its implementation.

Regional Prosperity Plan Evaluation: Final Report

The study evaluates the outcomes of the initiative, specifically in its successes through local partnerships and community-focused projects.

Resources for the Puget Sound Region

A commitment to investing in equitable development, as indicated by the region’s investment of billions of dollars to high-capacity transit

The Growing Transit Communities Strategy

The document details the proposal to implement strategies to promote economic growth, affordable housing, and access to opportunity.

Growing Transit Communities Compact

The compact indicates the commitment made by the city to promote growth in transit and equitable communities

Puget Sound Region Transit-Oriented Development Market Study

The study analyzes the potential for market-rate and affordable development round light rail transit in the Central Puget Sound Region.

Resources for the Twin Cities

An establishment of equitable transit-oriented development that sought to revolutionize how transit-related planning and development are done in the Twin Cities

Corridors of Opportunity Final Evaluation Report

The report analyzes the immediate outcomes of the initiative.

Corridors of Opportunity Final Evaluation Report Summary

The report assesses the progress of the program in completing its overall goals.

Thrive MSP 2040

The document characterizes the region encompassing the Twin Cities as changing, growing, and ready to thrive.

Final Narrative Report

The final report holistically evaluates the implementation and successes of the initiative.